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Stainless Steel 'Edmund the hedgehog" wall portal with engraved statement. Edmund helps your hedghog portal stay open. It's essentail for hedgehogs to roam. If we can link up all the gardens in the UK it would gcreate the countrys biggest wildlife resevre. 

Point One of Graces five point charter is ‘Access & Egress’. Get Grace in your space! It all starts here. Can Grace physically get in and out of your garden ?  She loves to roam for food and friendship and so do her hoglets. She simply needs to be able to get in and out. You will need access for Grace - a grand entrance!  This Stainless Steel Edmund the hedgehog cutout is the perfect grand entrance and lovingly engraved to restore the ancient rite to forage.  All you need to do is cut 4.5 inch hole in your wall ior fence and put Edmund over the hole to protect it. 

This resplendent portal gifted from kind in deed restores an ancient rite for urchins to forage & feed, hearts burst with hope for pricklets new whilst preserving herbage as a gift to you.

Edmund the hedgehog portal

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