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After much research, including years of testing and trials, we are proud to present the ‘Heavy Metal Hedgehog House’. This hedgehog house is a class above others currently on the market with its sturdy design and metal roof, built to keep hedgehogs dry, safe and warm inside. The Heavy Metal Hedgehog House was originally created as a strong and safe place on building sites that were cleared for developments. It proved to be so successful that it prompted us to make it available to the domestic market.

There is an entrance corridor accessed by a round hole and a unique engraved metal “Slumbert" the hedgehog. Not only does Slumbert give the house added charm, the steel plate also serves to protect the hole from damage caused by any other animals which may visit your garden. The entrance corridor leads to the sleeping chamber - this passage adds an extra layer of protection for hoglets and adult hedgehogs by preventing unwelcome visitors.

The strong riveted galvanised roof helps help the house dry, which is incredibly important for survival in the sub-freezing temperatures of winter. An extra barrier of wooden batons on the inside of the roof increase insulation during the cold weather. The weight of the roof helps keep it closed even in stormy weather and our large 'corkscrew' bolt keeps the house firmly anchored to the ground. The house is made from treated timbers and has aluminium channel open feet to help prevent damp penetrating the sleeping chamber whilst providing insects (AKA hedgehog food!) with a safe home too.

The house's guardian, Slumbert the Hedgehog, is engraved with the message:              

‘On darkest wintery nights when raging winds have stolen leaves from bending trees & an icy north breath has hardened the water I will rest my weary spines safe & toasty in my Heavy Metal Hedgehog House’


We hope you enjoy the Heavy Metal Hedgehog House and find a safe place for it in your garden, and that your local hedgehog is safe and toasty inside it!

Heavy Metal Hedgehog House